I have shared a detailed guide on how to clean kilt, how to press kilt, and how to press kilt. It is a complete kilt care guide.

How to Clean, Press, & Store your Kilt?

There are few most common queries that our customers always ask that how to clean their kilt? how to press their kilt? and how to store the kilt? Therefore, In order to address these queries, I have decided to share a complete Kilt Care Guide with you today.

Most of the customers complain that their Men’s kilt does not remain new for a longer period of time. After few washes, it either fades color or there is problem with stitching. These all problems are inherently connected to the wrong kilt care which is why I am sharing this guide for you so that you can overcome these issues.

I have tried to cover some of the great kilt care tips and tricks with you which can help you to keep your kilts new for the long period of time.

How to Clean, Press, & Store your Kilt – Kilt Care Guide

So lets start the main content of this article and give you all the wisdom necessary for true kilt caring.

Prerequisite for Cleaning your Kilt – Type & Weight

There are few things that you need to consider before starting the cleaning process.

  • The first thing to consider is the type of your kilt; either it is a tartan kilt, cotton kilt, or a leather kilt. Since the cleaning process for all material varies accordingly.
  • Another thing to consider is the weight of your kilt. As you will be choosing the kilt of different fabrics then there is a different weight for all of them. Some of the kilts are heavier and some are lighter: it totally depends on the amount of fabric and type of fabric used.

Kilt Cleaning Process

So cleaning of the kilt depends on the type of your kilt so lets discuss the three main type one by one:

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Tartan Aka Wool Kilt:

These are the kilts that are mostly made up of either 100% wool or Acrylic wool. They are subject to extra care in order to retain their shape and color for a longer period of time. Heating while cleaning is a BIG NO!

If there is a tough stain on your kilt then you may use baby wipes to clean them first. You don’t have to rub the wipe as the baby wipe will help you to easily remove the stain. And if you don’t have the baby wipes available then you may also use a trusty cloth, make sure that it’s lint-free and then use warm water to remove the stains.

In some cases, you may also use a spot cleaner; however, make sure that your cleaner is enzyme-free and use it inside the kilt first before using it on the visible area. As it may damage the tartan.

If there is something spilled over your kilt like coffee, tea or beer then clean it right away as it will leave a large stain which will be hard to deal with.

In case, you outsource your cleaning job to cleaners then make sure that your cleaner has enough experience with kilts. We suggest our customer send their kilts to dry cleaner only once a year.

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Cotton Utility Kilt

You can wash your cotton kilt as usual in cold or lukewarm water. Just soak it for few minutes unless it is very dirty. If there is a stain then use a cloth to remove the stain then soak it into the water.

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Leather Kilt

If you own a leather jacket then you will have a clear idea about cleaning a leather kilt. There are few things that you may use to clean your leather kilt. Use a splash of water and clean it with a cloth to remove the stains. You can mix a solution of warm water and dish soap and dip a soft cloth into it and use that cloth gently on your leather kilt to remove the stains.

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How to Press a Kilt?

After you have washed your kilt then you might looking for pressing it. There are few simple steps that you may follow to press your kilt:

  • First I would recommend you to wear your kilt and stand in front of the mirror to see its natural hanging and pleats positions.
  • Now take off the kilt and lay it down on a flat surface like floor or a table. Then set the iron to an appropriate temperature (it varies whether cotton or a wool kilt). You may use a spray of water to moisten the kilt and position the pleats in right position.
  • Start pressing it with iron and folding each crease to its proper link. You may use a thread or needle to baste the pleat ones at the hem, and once you are up as it will help you to keep the pleats in its right position.
  • That’s it!

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How to Store your Kilt?

Now comes the storing of a kilt part where you have to take few things into consideration as well.

You need to make sure that you store it after it’s completely dry. I would recommend you to hang your kilt in your close with a hanger rather folding it. There are lots of kilt hangers available in the market that will help you to store it perfectly.

For leather kilts, you may use a plastic bag to store them perfectly.

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Conclusion – All about it!

So this was all about the kilt care guide and I am sure you must have got the clear idea about it. In case you want to know more about the kilt care tips then feel free to write back to us or use the comment’s section.


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