Tartan Clans

Learn about the Clan Douglas Castles here.

Discover the Clan Douglas Castles

The Clan Douglas was one of the most powerful families of Scotland. They became prominent due to their wars and battles with England in the 14th century. In our series of "All about Clans" we discussed Clan Douglas Castles in detail which you can read here. Today, I am sharing some of the famous castles...

Its all about Clan Douglas, you can read about that here.

Clan Douglas – History

So we are starting this new series which we are calling, "Its all about Clan" and we are starting with the Clan Douglas today. Clan Douglas is an ancient family that came from the Scottish Lowlands. They were known as the most powerful families in Scotland. In order to talk more about it,...

Clan Wallace is the greatest clan which you can read all about here.

Clan Wallace – All about Tartan

There are lots of tartans that are available in the market nowadays: Some of them do represent some families and some are just modern versions of plaids that are universal. In order to talk about the tartans, I have decided to start a new series which we are calling "All about Tartan" where we...