Learn how to press a kilt. Here is the complete kilt pressing guide for you.

How to Press Your Kilt

The most unique thing about kilts is their pleats which give them a unique look. However, these pleats make the ironing process very difficult. Most of our family members always find it difficult to press a kilt.

Therefore, I am writing a dedicated guide on pressing your kilt where I will be discussing the right way of ironing your kilt. The process of ironing a kilt is pretty simple yet technical which anyone can master by going through this simple guide.

How to Press your Kilt?

Following are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to press your kilt. Checkout our kilt care guide here.

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  • Before pressing your kilt, I would recommend you to wear your kilt and stand in front of the mirror. It will give you a clear idea about the original positions of pleats.
  • Once you have got that then you are supposed to lay down the kilt on a flat surface such as a floor or ironing table. After that, you need to set the iron to an appropriate setting (depending on the type of kilt‘s fabric).
  • Now you are supposed to moisten the pressing area and then move the pleats into the right position.
  • After that keep pressing each pleat by folding each crease. You may also use a needle and thread to baste the pleats at the hem and go another way up. It helps in holding the pleats firmly which is really helpful while pressing.
  • Now when all the pleats are basted, you need to lay the pressing area over the pleat area and then place your iron on the cover kilt and then apply the pressure to set the line.
  • Keep pressing it in the same way then let it cool without touching it. You may also repeat the basting process if needed.
  • This was it!

How to Iron a Kilt? – VIDEO


This was all about pressing your kilt and I am sure you have got to know about it. Don’t forget to share it with others who might be looking for the same.


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