learn how to clean your kilt here. A complete guide to follow.

How to Clean Your Kilt

It seems like a norm on Kilt and Jacks blog where we’ve already shared a detailed in-depth kilt care guide with you. In order to continue with our care guide, I am sharing a dedicated guide where I will be teaching you that; “How to clean your kilt?”

The kilt is definitely an expensive investment and you do need to take care of it right away. The first part of taking care of a kilt is to clean it rightly; therefore, I am sharing a guide to share that how you can properly clean your men’s kilt.

How to Clean Your Kilt?

In order to clean your kilt, you are supposed to follow the below simple steps;

Method 1- Using wet Wipes for Cleaning

The first most common method of cleaning a kilt is using wet wipes. If you have spilled something on your kilt then use wet wipes to clean the stain. Try to do it when the stain is fresh.

If you don’t have a wet wipe then you can also use a clean, damp, lint-free cloth to clean the stain. Don’t rub it over the stain just try to remove it gently.

Method 2- Using Cleaning Wax

There are lots of cleaning wax available in the market. A wax is handy to clean the leather or modern utility kilts.

Method 3- Dry Clean your Kilt – Only the Last Resort!

Do Not Dry Clean your kilt unless it is absolutely necessary to do that. If you choose to go to a dry-cleaner then always prefer the person with prior experience of kilt cleaning. Moreover, ask your dry-cleaner to only clean your kilt and not to press it. Since a dry-cleaner may mess up the pleats.

How do you Clean a Kilt – VIDEO


This was a small detailed guide on cleaning your kilt and I am sure you must have got the absolute idea about it. Don’t forget to share this with others who might be looking for the same.


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