Care Tips & Tricks for Utility Kilts

Utility Kilt care guide where I will update you with tips and tricks to increase the life of your utility kilt

Utility Kilts are sturdy and tough in style; however, they require additional care to increase the life of its kilt. There are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to increase the life of your modern utility kilt.

In order to talk about it, I am just sharing a detailed Utility kilt care guide with you. Most of the things are just common sense. You can simply follow this simple guide and increase the life of your modern kilt pretty easily. These are the methods that you can also follow for your Tactical Kilt as well. 

Care Tips for Utility Kilts

Following are some of the simple tips that you may follow to care your kilt;

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1- Do not Fast wash and Also avoid washing your kilt with large items: Utility Kilts come with buckles, clips, pockets, and other hardware which can be tangled while washing; therefore, you should avoid washing it with other clothes with slow spin cycles.

2- Avoid Direct sunlight for Drying: You need to avoid drying your kilt to direct sunlight as it may cause material and dyes to fade. Moreover, there may be some layers of the kilt that may fade away.

3- Don’t use a Dryer: I will not recommend you use the dryer for your kilt. There is some material used in our modern utility kilts which are not supposed to be dried in dryers.

4- Avoid washing it frequently: Kilts are made in a way that does not require frequent washing; therefore, you should not frequently wash them. Since washing it frequently may fade away the true colors and design of the kilt.

5- Avoid Fabric Softeners: You should avoid using fabric softener on your kilt. As some of the fabric softeners have a decreasing agent which can soften out the creases in the pleats over time. Kilts are designed with a perfect mixture of softness and rigidness to keep the pleats intact and fabric softeners may kill the rigidness pleats.

6- Iron with great Care: Most of the kilts don’t need ironing; however if you feel that your pleats need to be ironed then do it with great care. A quick iron may help your kilt to come back to its original shape. You need to make sure that your iron is not too hot. Do Not iron your kilt other than cotton material. In order to be on the safe side, you may also use fabric as a layer.

How to Store Utility Kilts?

There are few things that you need to take care of before storing your kilt and I have discussed all of these details below;

If your kilt gets wet due to rain or otherwise then never ever store your kilt without drying it out. As moisture may kill the aesthetics of your kilt. You may layout your kilt on the flat surface and let it dry for a substantial time.

Once it is properly dried, you can hang your kilt in a storage bag as it can keep it in its original foam. However, if you opt to store it in a drawer then lay it flat and then add a couple of cedar blocks to keep pests off.


This was my details care guide for Utility Kilt and I am sure you must have got a clear idea of it. In case, you want to ask for any particular information about the proper care of your modern kilts then feel free to write back to me, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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