How to Combine a Bomber Leather Jacket?

This is undoubtedly the question we have all asked ourselves at some point. And although it is a garment that has been in our wardrobe for decades, it is not quite easy to wear it correctly. Until now. Here you have the manual of concrete use and some ideas of looks to splurge style with your jacket. You’ll want to wear them all!

Ideas to Wear Your Usual Bomber Jacket Like Never Before

If you look closely since we managed to stop the Men’s leather jacket from being just ‘theirs’, it has only come and gone to our closet; He has had times in which he has been in the front row and others in which he fell into the deepest of forgetfulness.

And is that this piece that was initially defined as fashion and bohemian has had to reinvent itself to remain there. Of course, he has succeeded. In case you would like to get some good quality bomber jackets then you may visit Next Jackets they have some pretty good collections.

Now the bomber jacket returns and does it with all of the wins to complement a day, an urban and a night look. Is it this time that he stays with us forever? If you look at the proposals with flower details from our last advice, the answer is affirmative. It’s time to see how to combine a stylish bomber!

The street style lets us see a few proposals to turn the ‘sporty’ air outfits into a must-have for the season. Why? Because all of them have the bomber as the undisputed protagonist. If you also want to take advantage of your Mens leather jacket combine it like this:

Bet all on the ‘color block’

That is, that your bomber is in a unique and very colorful color, the electric blue for example is that neither painted and that the rest of your clothes are in neutral but stylish tones: a mini skirt, a lace blouse, some satin shoes and a handbag. The thought is over that this type of jacket can only be worn with jeans and basic shirts.

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What do you think of the bombers in their usual green color?

Surely you also have one in your closet, as they are perfect for a disco look of flared pants, flower top or shirt and high boots. It goes without saying that you can also wear it with joggers, white sneakers and a matching shirt. You just have to put several of these clothes on the bed to realize all the combinations you can do with them.

Is a night outfit possible with a bomber jacket?

Of course yes! Fashion jackets adapt to all kinds of contexts, especially when it comes to night and parties. Wear your favorite model with high-waisted jeans, bralette and stilettos. And also cheer up with these other ideas to each more versatile:

Try a total metallic look

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And you will not regret. Namely: a metallic bomber jacket and long trousers medium shot to match, that is, as if it were a suit but metallic effect. Black shirt or blouse of the style that you like and booties. Here you have two options to balance with the metalized of your set, choose them in pure white or with a golden touch, ask your mirror with which one you look better and you will have your answer. For the bag, clutch-type envelope or bombora.

Women’s Leather Jacket to Wear

A stylish addition – a leather women’s vest – will enrich the palette of your own images. She will add piquancy, respectability and personality to many outfits. But before choosing your model, it is worth clarifying several fashionable nuances. 

Women’s leather vest Leather vests are vivid replicas of the trends of the 80s, it was then that the style came into fashion with a slight touch of rebellion. At the same time, men’s-style leather jackets became the occasion for designer searches, which resulted in a trend for women’s leather Jackets

The idea of ​​an initial, slightly outrageous and brutal style set the tone for the whole direction, and classic and even romantic models came into fashion. Models in cowboy and rocker-biker styles…

But the most interesting and always elegant look feminine and sophisticated versions of the style, which occupy a special place in the wardrobe of a real fashion.

Passing such a temptation is quite difficult. Moreover, these models do not leave trends from season to season, and their stylistic decisions only fuel the fashion excitement….

As always, classic reference styles are flawless. A deep V-shaped and semicircular neckline, an exact fit along the waistline and a beautifully-fitting silhouette are a win-win option. He will decorate a figure of any type and will become the very luxurious accent of outfits in a variety of styles. …

How models looks like in Leather Jackets?

Models in the classical style look very stylish with a deep diagonal “American” armhole, leaving shoulders and back open. Very feminine, almost evening silhouette of the model, look truly luxurious and intriguing. …

Models in the rocker-biker style look slightly provocative, but always elegant, the prototype of which was a jacket- “jacket”. Their characteristic features are a zipper, a straight free silhouette, trim with rivets or spikes. But in the female version, these attributes become an occasion for subtle stylization, emphasizing the sexy appeal of the image. …

The material itself gives a special chic and elegance to these models; the most advantageous and respectable looks are the thin genuine leather jackets with an excellent finish. It allows you to embody the most complex nuances of style and achieve a perfect fit. …

Most elegant and luxurious look like models from huskies, it is with her that the most eminent designers prefer to work. Matte, glossy, with the effect of dressing, under the reptile … The more noble and richer the texture of the material itself, the more spectacular the model looks. 

Not the last role is played by color.

Classic black will never go out of fashion, but models made in bright, active colors look very stylish and non-trivial. The most organically and no less classic look models of cherry, deep red, gray, white, beige. …

Recently, all shades of classic brown have slightly lost popularity – they were replaced by catchy rainbow colors: violet, blue, emerald, orange and even pink. In this color scheme, strict and slightly brutal styles look especially beautiful. …

Of particular note is the decor, which gives the style depth and expressiveness. One of the most popular topics is the rocker, but the typical spikes and rivets in female models look like flirty jewelry, which is often inlaid with rhinestones or colored stones. …

Such models perfectly emphasize the silhouette, and their frankly masculine style brings to the image of intrigue. Classic tight-fitting models will make the center of gravity a neckline and waistline. And this circumstance must be taken into account when deciding what to wear a leather vest with.


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