Biggest Newbies Mistakes while Buying a Kilt!

Common Kilt mistakes are discussed here.

If are the guy who just got inspired by the Kilts and looking forward to buying your very first kilt then this the right article for you. There are some of the common mistakes that almost every first-timer commits while buying a kilt.

In order to make you guys aware of those, I am going to talk about them today so that you don’t commit them. There are lots of kilt for sale available out there and you may get confused about which one to buy for yourself. Due to a vast number of options, it creates decision paralysis and people do commit some coupon mistakes.

Some Common Mistakes while Buying a Kilt

Not Measuring it Right

One of the most common mistakes that most first-timers make is not measuring themselves right. We have received a lot of queries related to the measurement of kilts. The person buying the kilt for the first time thinks it is measured the same as pants which is not the case. A kilt’s waist is measured from the naval and the length is just above your knees. In order to know about the measurement in detail read our measurement guide here.

Machine Washing the Kilt

Machine Washing the kilt can ruin the original aesthetic of your kilt which is why we prohibit our customers from machine washing their kilts. Machine washing is bad for both tartan kilts and utility kilt and therefore you should avoid it.

Buy all items at Once

This is more of a style perspective as most of the newbies think that they have to buy everything related to kilt at once. However, you can collect each and every item about kilt one by one. You can divide the task of collecting all the items of outfit on monthly basis. It can range from buying a wool kilt to a kilt pin. You can start by buying a kilt, sporran, and a belt to start from. Moreover, never compromise on buying a quality kilt for yourself.

Pleats should always be on Back

I have seen some of the new kilt wearers wear pleats on the front which is a huge mistake. The pleats should always be on the back and there is no question about it.

Remove the pleat holding Stitches

There are some kilts that come with white stitching that is placed to hold the pleats in place and before wearing you need to take that out.

Buy the right Size Sporran

When you are buying a sporran to pair up with your kilt then you need to make sure that it complements your kilt in the right way. The size of the sporran should be perfect that it doesn’t make it hang too low or high. You need to make sure that it should be the exact same position of your buckle.



So these were some of the common mistakes that newbies make and I am sure you guys are going to avoid them next time. Let me know if there is anything else that I should add here. Don’t forget to share it with other kilt wearers.

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