Best Utility Kilts for Men 2023

There are many beloved readers asking us to list some of the best utility kilts for sale for men from our collection to wear this Halloween. For such readers and customers, I have compiled a list of the best utility kilts for men that you can use to choose one for yourself. You can get a good idea for yourself and choose which one suits you best. You can also check out the “Best Kilts for Sale” article that I have curated for you guys.

Although there are many types of kilts such as Utility, Leather, Camouflage, Hybrid, Scottish Tartan, and others, this article is specifically written for you guys. All the kilts listed here are best sellers and the most loved by our members. I hope you guys will love this article as it will help you pick the best kilt for sure. I am listing all the best utility kilts for sale in 2023 for you guys.

Best Utility Kilts for Sale Men – Our Top Picks

Best Overall Utility Kilt – Tactical kilt 

Best Budget Utility Kilt – Black Deluxe Fashion Kilt 

Best Gothic Utility Kilt – Black Deluxe Utility Kilt with Chrome Chain

Best Khaki Utility Kilt – Khaki Deluxe Utility Kilt with Leather Straps

Best Flag Utility Kilt – Scottish Flag Utility kilt

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1-  Tactical Utility Kilt

The Tactical Kilt is one of the best utility kilts available in our collection. It is made and designed for rugged use. If you are the kind of guy who likes to go rough and tough, then I would recommend you go for this kilt as it can handle all the hits and bruises. Let me tell you one more thing, it is among our best-sellers.

Now, let’s talk about the kilt itself. We have used a cotton blend to make this rough and tough kilt. There are two cargo pockets, one on either side. It features a button closure where we have used heavy-duty buttons. We have also added D-rings to attach a sporran or any other external pocket or bag. It can also be used for clipping your keys. All the hardware used on this kilt is rust-free. I am pretty sure that you are going to love this piece for sure.


2. Black Deluxe Utility Fashion Kilt

Deluxe Utility Sports Traditional Black Kilt, Traditional Kilt, Scottish Traditional Kilts, best Kilts for Men

The Black Deluxe Utility Fashion Kilt is one of the best utility kilts available, which is why it holds the number one position on my list. Kilt and Jacks manufacture this kilt in almost all sizes, as well as accepting custom orders.

The kilt features two flap pockets with metal buttons and fittings, making it a comfortable kilt that allows you to carry a handful of items. It is handmade and made entirely of 100% cotton, making it a perfect utility kilt.

To add to its beauty, there are two leather straps on each side of the kilt. The cloth and material used in this kilt are highly comfortable, and neither the leather straps nor buckles are going to cause any discomfort to the wearer.

3. Black Deluxe Utility Fashion Kilt With Chrome Chain

black kilt, deluxe kilt, black deluxe kilt, kilt for men, mens kilt

The Black Deluxe Utility Fashion Kilt With Chrome Chain is another style of the Black Fashion Utility Kilt with an additional Chrome Chain, which adds to the kilt’s beauty.

This kilt is also available in almost every size, and it has around 2 flap pockets with metal buttons and fittings. Let’s talk more about its fittings, which include metal buckles, buttons, and 4 internal studs for better fitting.

There are two flaps with brass chrome-plated buttons, along with 3 chrome chains in front attached to side pockets. Additionally, there are two small chains on the back pocket. Moreover, there are also two black leather straps on either side, making this kilt a unique kilt.

4. Khakhi Utility Deluxe with Leather Straps

Khaki Utility Deluxe Kilt with Leather Straps.

This is another Fashion Sport Utility Khaki Kilt that comes with black leather straps. This kilt is specifically designed for men and boys.

The Sports Utility kilt is made of 100% pure cotton, with two flap pockets that make it a perfect utility kilt. There are also two black or brown leather straps on either side.

This kilt is available in all sizes and is among the best-selling kilts on Kilt and Jacks.

5. Scottish Flag Utility Kilt

Scottish Flag kilt, Best Scottish Kilts, Kilts for Men, Scottish Kilts for Men

This is a tribute to Scottish culture, and we have manufactured the Scottish Flag Utility Kilt, which is available for both men and women in all sizes.

It is made of blue cotton with a white mark representing the Scotland national flag. There are two stylish buckles used to enhance the kilt’s beauty.

This kilt can be used as casual wear, and we accept all custom requirements for it.

6. Stylish Black Utility Kilt

Stylish Black Utility Kilt, Utility Kilts for Men, Men Kilts, Best Mens Kilts

The Stylish Black Utility Kilt is another one of our products that features the color black with stylish changes. The amazing thing about this kilt is that it is designed for both men and women.

There are two cargo flap pockets on both sides, making it a utility kilt. It is made of pure cotton, making it the most comfortable utility kilt available out there.

Two stylish chrome buckles are used on either side of the kilt, along with small buckles hooked with belt holders, making it a stylish utility kilt. High-quality buttons are also used to further enhance the kilt’s beauty.

It can be worn on both formal and casual occasions.

7. Scottish Highland Purple Utility Pleated Kilts

Utility Kilts, Kilts for men, best kilts for Men

This Purple Utility Kilt is a blend of Scottish tradition, as it comes with pleats. It is actually a Scottish Highland Purple Utility Pleated Kilt.

This kilt is made of 12 oz drilled cotton, making it the most comfortable utility kilt available out there. Since it is a utility kilt, there are two flap pockets on either side. Stylish and antique buckles are used to enhance its look.

It is a unisex kilt, which means both men and women can wear it and enjoy the utmost comfort it offers. There are four buttons on the front and on the waist area, adding to its style.

8. Red And Black Deluxe Utility Fashion Kilt

Red and Black Kilt, Utility Kilts, Deluxe Kilts, Fashion Kilts

The Men’s Handmade Red and Black Deluxe Utility Fashion Kilt is made of 100% cotton and comes with chain front side. It is one of the fanciest utility kilts available out there.

This kilt is available in all sizes and features three flap pockets, making it extra strong. The front side is made of red cotton, while the rest is made of black cotton. Three chrome chains are used at the front, hooked with belt straps. Two leather stripes are used on either side with chrome buckles.

There are also some chrome buttons used for decoration, making it a fully fancy utility kilt available.

9. Stylish Blue Cargo Fashion Kilt

Blue Cargo Fashion Kilt, Fashion Kilt, Women Utility Kilts, Best Women Kilts

Our stylish Blue Cargo Fashion Kilt is one of the unique utility kilts available out there. It is a highly comfortable utility kilt manufactured by Kilt and Jacks.

The amazing thing is that you can fully customize this kilt according to your instructions as we offer 100% customization for this product. By default, there are two flap pockets, one on either side.

Two chrome hooks are used on either side, and on the border of the kilt, a reflector has been added to make it shine at night, which looks really trendy.

10. White Christmas Plaid Kilt

Christmas Kilts, Best Utility Kilts, Best Kilts for Men

This is a white Christmas Plaid that we have specially designed for our customers. Pure heavy cotton drilled material has been used to manufacture this kilt.

This Christmas Plaid kilt is available in almost all sizes. There is a detachable cargo pocket at the back, which fulfills the criteria of being a utility kilt.

Two brown buckles are used on one side of the kilt, giving it a stylish look. It comes with a stylish trim and is perfect for both formal and casual wear.

11. Cotton Kilt for Burning Man Scottish Made

Cotton Kilt for Burning Man , Scottish Kilts, Best kilts for Burning Men, Kilts

Our Cotton Kilt for Burning Man is the final Utility Kilt we are listing on this page, and it is a Modern D Kilt designed specifically for Burning Man. We have used 100% cotton fabric to manufacture this amazing kilt.

There are two oversized flap pockets given on either side to store your stuff. One chrome buckle is hooked at the waist on either side along with small buckles on both sides.

This kilt is suitable for almost any kind of weather or work, which is why it is among the best utility kilts on our list.


Q. What is a Utility kilt?

A. A Utility Kilt is a modern version of a kilt that comes with pockets and storage space. It was designed and introduced to meet the needs of the modern world. It is a perfect kilt for men who perform rough and tough jobs. It is made from heavy-weight cotton fabric.

Q. What is the best material for Utility Kilt?

A. The best material for a utility kilt is usually a heavy-duty cotton or a durable blend of cotton and polyester.

Q. Should a Sporran be worn with a Utility kilt?

A. No, you don’t need to! Since there are pockets with a Utility Kilt, there is no need to wear a sporran with your modern utility kilt. However, if you want to wear the full traditional costume, you may wear a leather sporran with your kilt.

Q. Do you have to wear a belt with Utility Kilt?

A. You don’t necessarily have to wear a belt with a utility kilt, but it can help keep the kilt in place and complete the overall look.

Q. What shoes can we wear with a Utility Kilt?

A. The most common shoes worn with a Utility Kilt are called Ghillie Brogues, which are worn similarly to any normal shoes with a slight change of tying the laces from the ankles.

Q. Are Utility Kilts comfortable?

A.Yes, they are 100% comfortable. They are designed to be worn for a full day without causing discomfort. You can wear these work utility kilts for the whole day without any problems.

Q. How long should a utility Kilt be?

A. The length of a utility kilt is a matter of personal preference, but it is generally recommended to be around knee-length or slightly below the knee.

Q. Do pleats go on front or back of utility kilt?

A. In a utility kilt, the pleats are typically located at the back. The front of the kilt is usually a flat apron.


This concludes my list of the Best Utility Kilts for Men, and I am confident that this list would have been helpful to many of you out there. If you found this list useful, please don’t hesitate to share it with others.

Do you have any questions? Don’t be shy! Please leave a comment, as we are here to listen to you guys!

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