Best Sporrans to wear with your Kilt – Which Sporran is right for me?

Are you looking to get a sporran for yourself and confused about which one to choose? Don’t worry about that! Kilt and Jacks have a collection of the best sporrans to wear with your men’s kilt, and we will be listing them right here for you. You can go through this sporran for sale list and get one for yourself. If you’re looking for our collection of kilts for sale, you can find it at the link provided.Sporrans were originally used by the highlanders for storing their belongings. But now, sporrans are more than just storage; they are used as style symbols. There are various types of sporrans that you can choose from. In our collection, we have leather sporrans, full dress sporrans, and semi-dress sporrans. Normally, sporrans are worn with traditional kilts, and you can find our collection of tartan kilts here. However, you may also choose to wear them with our awesome collection of utility kilts.

Best Sporrans for Sale 2024 – What to Choose?

Here I begin the list of Best Sporrans for Sale in 2024. Without taking much of your time let’s get to the list; See here: How to wear a Great Kilt? 

3 Tassel Black Leather Sporran

The 3 Tassel Black Leather Sporran is a popular choice among many of our customers. This leather sporran features a Scottish horse logo engraved on the flap, as well as a chrome horse logo.

Sporran, Leather Sporran, Kilt Sporran, Sporran Belts

It has ample space to hold your belongings, and the flap is adorned with three tassels attached to a chrome chain and an inverted cup. High-quality genuine leather is used to make this sporran.


3 Tassel Black Leather Sporran and Belt

The 3 Tassel Black Leather Sporran and Belt is another sporran of the same type and style as the previous one, but it comes with a belt. This leather sporran does not feature any chrome decoration and has three tassels made from 100% genuine leather on the front. It is dual stitched for added durability and has a snap closure

Sporran, Leather Sporran, Kilt Sporran, Sporran Belts

The sporran also comes with a belt featuring a chrome chain that can be used to carry or fasten it around your waist. This sporran is versatile and can be worn with both traditional and utility kilts.


3 Tassels Black Rabbit Fur Sporran

This is another 3 Tassel Black Rabbit Fur Sporran made from rabbit fur. The sporran features a beautiful chrome case at the front, and the three tassels are attached with a chrome chain, with fur stitched onto the ends

Black rabbit fur, black rabbit fur sporran, Sporran, Kilt sporran

This sporran looks really classy when paired with a tartan kilt, and I strongly recommend getting one to go with your outfit. You can find more details about this sporran at the link below. It can be worn with a great kilt.


6 Tassels Rabbit Fur Sporran

The 6 Tassels Rabbit Fur Sporran is another addition to our collection of fur sporrans. It features six tassels made of black fur that are attached with rust-free chrome chains. This sporran is entirely handmade and customizable

White rabbit fur, Rabbit fur sporran, Kilt sporran

The front of the sporran is adorned with a rust-free chrome head, giving it an elegant appearance. Overall, it is an eye-catching sporran in our collection.


Black Horse Hair Sporran

The Black Horse Hair Sporran is a longer style of sporran that covers the entire front of your kilt, giving it a magnificent appearance. It is particularly popular among grooms, as it adds an elegant touch to their outfit.

Horse harir sporran, black soprran, black horse sporran

This sporran is made from horsehair, which gives it a unique and impressive look. It features two long horsehair tassels on the front, with leather heads that are engraved with traditional patterns.


Original Celtic Black Horse Hair Sporran

This particular sporran is made from black horsehair, which covers the entire front of the kilt. The use of horsehair is a nod to the Scottish equestrian heritage and adds an elegant and royal touch to the overall look. The sporran is an original design, inspired by the Celtic art and symbols that have been an integral part of Scottish culture for centuries.

Black hair sporran, Horse hair sporran, Celtic sporran, traditional sporran

When paired with a tartan kilt, the Celtic sporran creates a striking contrast between the dark horsehair and the colorful pattern of the fabric. The sporran also adds a layer of texture and dimension to the outfit, making it more visually interesting. The combination of the kilt, sporran, and other accessories such as a jacket, shirt, and brogues creates a complete Highland dress ensemble that is both functional and stylish.


White Bovine Cow Hide 3 Tassel Leather Sporran and Belt

The White Bovine Cow Hide 3 Tassel Leather Sporran and Belt is a stylish and practical accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any Highland dress outfit. Featuring white bovine cowhide on the front, three tassels attached with a chrome chain, and an elegant leather lining at the end, this sporran has a snap closure and enough space to hold small personal items such as a wallet, phone, or keys.

White Sporran, Leather Sporran, Black sporran, Goat fur Sporran

This sporran is perfect for formal gatherings, such as weddings or ceilidhs, as it completes the ensemble with a refined look. The white bovine cowhide on the front creates a striking contrast against any tartan kilt, while the three tassels and chrome chain add texture and movement.Checkout: Utility Kilt vs Tartan Kilt In conclusion, the White Bovine Cow Hide 3 Tassel Leather Sporran and Belt is a must-have accessory for any formal Highland dress event. Its durable construction and ample storage space make it practical, while its elegant design adds sophistication to the overall look.


Got a Question?

This concludes my list of the best sporrans you can get for yourself. If you require any personal assistance or have any queries, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to share this article!


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