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Tartan Day Guide

Tartan Day has become an annual celebration of Scottish Culture and heritage in Canada. The government of Canada has made this day an official day of celebration. It was originated in the mid-1980s in Nova Scotia. However, it was an old celebration with 700 years in making.

After the declaration of Tartan Day officially in Canada, Scottish Government has officially opened a new office in Canada in order to boost the trade and business links between the two countries. Due to this, Canada has been a top 20 export partner of Scotland and also a biggest inward investor for Scotland.

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Tartan Day Canada – How did it all start?

On 9th March 1986, there was a meeting of Federation of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia. Big Crowell, and Jean MacKaracher-Watson were the members of that meeting who put the following motion forward;

“That we establish a day known as ‘Tartan Day’. This is to be a day chosen to promote Scottish Heritage by the most visible means. The wearing of the Scottish attire, especially in places where the kilt is not ordinarily worn, i.e; work, play or worship.”

It was started originally as ‘Tartan Day in Nova Scotia’m Jean Watson approached every provincial legislative Assembly and other Scottish-cultural societies across Canada, in order to establish such day and. date established.

After a long 10 years, the special ‘Tartan Day’ was approved in Provincial Assembly from sea-to-sea by the Member’s bill. Then it was approved in National Assembly at Quebec City in December 2003, after 16 years of its first proclamation in Nova Scotia.

Here are the dates along with Canada Provinces when Tartan Day was first proclaimed.

  • Nova Scotia – 6 April 1987
  • Ontario – 19 December 1991
  • British Columbia – 25 March 1992
  • Prince Edward Island – 2 April 1992
  • Saskatchewan – 6 April 1992
  • Manitoba – 6 April 1992
  • Alberta – 6 April 1992
  • New Brunswick – 6 April 1993
  • Newfoundland & Labrador – 6 April 1995
  • Quebec – 18 December 2003

American Loves Scottish

As per some sources and estimation, 33 of America’s presidents can trace their ancestry back to Scotland which is why there is a true love and bond between Americans and Scottish people. There is a solid marks that Scottish Immigrants have left on American arts, innovation, athletics, and culture.

In the late 1980s, the grassroots communities across US started celebrating Scottish-American heritage and contributions. The day for celebration was decided 6th of April which is known as ‘Tartan Day’ which is not celebrated nationally.

In 1998, the U.S Senate passed a resolution establishing National Tartan Day. After that, the celebration tool place every year with parades, festivals, and Highland Games across the nation.

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