Learn how to wear a fly plaid here.

How to Wear Fly Plaid?

There are lots of people who are confused related to fly plaids that what is a fly plaid, how to wear a fly plaid, and whether you should get one or not? In order to address all these queries, I am just coming up with a new guide for you.

Earlier, I shared a guide with you about wearing a kilt and maintaining the same trend, I am coming up with this new guide on “How to Wear a fly plaid?”.

What is a Fly Plaid?

The kilt has been around since the 16th century, which was usually referred to as the Feileadh Mor or the Great Kilt. It was just a long piece of tartan fabric that was wrapped around the body and belted at the waist. The fabric which was left after wrapping was then draped on the shoulder and then gathered with the belt at front.

However, with time, the kilt evolved and the fabric used in making the kilt was lessened and the fabric used over the shoulder becomes a new product which is known as Fly Plaid. This is how Fly Plaid came into existence.

How to Wear a Fly Plaid?

So let’s talk about the right way of wearing a fly plaid here;

Traditionally, a Fly Plaid is worn with a kilt and either a Prince Charlie Jacket or an Argyll Jacket.

You should make sure that the tartan of Fly Plaid should match the tartan of your kilt. It should be draped over your left shoulder and then pulled through the epaulet of your jacket and then pinned with a fly plaid brooch. You can wear any of the Brooch representing your clan from our collection.

Overall, it will give you a perfect Scottish look.

Should you wear a Fly Plaid?

If you are going for a formal event then you may wear a fly plaid. It is not an essential part of Highland Dress. Some of the times, a Fly Plaid is considered “TOO Formal”; therefore, it is wise to contact the host about wearing a fly plaid to the event.

There are certain situations where wearing a fly plaid is not appropriate like it is inappropriate to wear a fly plaid to a wedding that is not your own as you may be upstaging the groom.

You may also wear it with a Pipe Band Uniform.


So this was all about Fly Plaids and I am sure you must be well aware of the right way of wearing a tartan Fly Plaid. If you want to put your own way into this article then feel free to share your thoughts with us.


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