Learn that what is a polyviscose fabric. I have discussed everything about it

Everything you need to know about Poly Viscose Fabric

There most of our customers do not want to wear kilts other than a wool kilt; however, there are many people who may be allergic to wool. Or you may be a person who wants to feel the same as wool without spending big money on it. In bot the cases, Poly Viscose is the perfect choice for you.

At Kilt & Jacks, we have lots of both contemporary and traditional kilts made up of poly-viscose fabric which is loved by many of our customers. Despite being popular among folks, there are still wool lovers who are confused about that “Is poly-viscose a good substitute for wool or not?”. Therefore, I am writing this guide for you.

All About Poly-viscose Fabric! Let’s Talk…

What is a Poly-viscose Fabric anyway?

Before digging deeper into the science of this fabric let’s first discuss that “what actually a poly-viscose fabric is?

It is made with a mixture of Rayon (viscose) and Polyester which is why it is called Poly-viscose. We use the premium quality of both Rayon and Polyester in making the Poly-viscose fabric. Viscose is plant-based and feels like natural wool; whereas, polyester helps in eliminating the wrinkles and shrinking of the fabric.

The blend of both Polyester and viscose is nearly indistinguishable from natural expensive wool. The great thing about this fabric is that it is machine-washable and can handle rough wear-and-tear pretty effectively. However, we don’t advise you to wash the tailored kilt into the machine as it may damage the straps, pleats, and Cheater Pleats™.

You can wash Poly-viscose phillabegs, ancient kilts, and great kilts into the machine on a gentle cycle. As far as your tailored kilts are concerned, you should wash them gently by your hand or you may dry-clean them.

Should I buy my kilt made up of poly-viscose fabric?

If you are tight on budget and want to increase your kilt’s collection then you should buy a couple of poly-kilts for yourself. There are going to feel almost the same as the wool kilt and they are much cheaper so it won’t hurt your pocket as well. I think the poly-viscose fabric is a great option to increase your clothing options.

It is a perfect option for both cold and hot weather. So I think you should definitely buy a few poly-viscose tartan kilts for yourself.

How does it feel?

How does a poly viscose feel? I have discussed about the feel depicting this image.

Most of the people are concerned about the actual feel of poly-kilts; therefore, I am adding this section here.

Rayon is often compared to silk due to its textures and smoothness which makes it feel like silk. And if you consider polyester as a separate fabric then it doesn’t really feel good on its own. However, using both the fabrics together works great and gives you a feel of real wool.

Viscose helps the wearer to enjoy the smoothness of the fabric and polyester’s shine is a little toned down by viscose’s natural fibers without ever compromising on the silky smooth feel.

Viscose is designed to absorb the moisture; whereas, polyester repels it; and the blend of these two allow breathing without getting trapped in the heat.

Overall, it is very easy to wear and wash.

Are Poly-viscose Tartan Kilts worth buying?

Usually, a tartan kilt is worn to show the cultural belongings and heritage of the wearer. And I can bet on it that a poly tartan kilt looks and feels great. You get the exact pattern of your clan and at the same time comfort is also guaranteed.

Buying a poly-viscose tartan kilt gives you an option to be proud of your Scottish Heritage without spending hundreds of bucks.

Should we buy a Poly-viscose Great Kilt?

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We have sold hundreds of Poly-viscose great kilt and non of our customers has complained about the quality and feel of this amazing fabric. You can’t really differentiate aesthetically in it.

It has an amazing feel and comfort to it. You can wear it any way you like and easily wash it into the machine without worrying about damaging the aesthetic of it.

There are many tartans that we offer in poly-viscose to choose from. You can find your clan’s tartan or select any universal tartan to make a great kilt for yourself. You can either buy a tartan fabric or a great kilt for yourself.

Do you offer customization in Poly-kilts?

If you are the kind of person who wants to have a full customization poly-kilt like with pockets, leather straps, hooks, belt loops, and many other frills then we can do that for you. At Kilt & Jacks, you just have to choose the kilt and discuss your plan with us and we can make it for you that too without charging you whooping fees for it.

If you just want to go traditional with your tartan kilt then you would need a sporran to carry all your stuff. I would recommend you to get yourself a matching sporran so that it doesn’t look off with your poly-kilt.

Conclusion – Should I go for a poly-viscose fabric Kilt?

I am sure you must have a clear idea about the poly-viscose fabric kilt and I would recommend you to get this kilt for yourself any-day. The two great features of this fabric are that: it’s cheap and feels like real wool.

We have tried to design our poly-viscose kilts in a way that maintains the authenticity and real feel of the wool. The Kilt & Jacks has tried their best to provide you everything to give you a completely authentic look. We have a huge collection for women as well so that they are not left behind in this tradition.


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