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How to wear a kilt, learn to wear a kilt by reading our guide. I have shared the complete steps.

How to Wear a Kilt

One of the most common queries that most of the new men's kilt wearers ask that "how to wear a kilt?" Therefore, I am writing a complete guide on helping you wear a kilt professionally. It can be a daunting challenge to wear a kilt along with all the kilt accessories. On Kilt and Jacks, we...

Learn how to wear a fly plaid here.

How to Wear Fly Plaid?

There are lots of people who are confused related to fly plaids that what is a fly plaid, how to wear a fly plaid, and whether you should get one or not? In order to address all these queries, I am just coming up with a new guide for you. Earlier, I shared a...