The Kilt is an extensive informative guide on kilts.


Kilt and Jacks Foundation is centered around the kilt, and it is our moral duty to keep talking about it. Therefore, in order to pay tribute to the kilt, we have decided to share the ultimate guide to kilts called "The KILT". In "The KILT", we will be discussing the origin, history, and modernization of...

I have shared a guide where I will discuss that what scots used to wear before kilts.

What Scots used to wear Before Kilts?

We've all seen Highlanders and traditional Scottish people wearing kilts. However, there's always a curiosity to know what Scots used to wear before men's kilts. To address this query and confusion, we need to look back at Scottish clothing history. References to kilts or belted plaids from the 1500s suggest that there was something else...