Buying Tips

I have shared a guide where I will be sharing that which kilt should you choose?

Which Kilt is Best for you?

This is the most common question asked by many of the Kilt enthusiasts out there that which Kilt is best to wear; either to choose a Utility Kilt or traditional tartan kilt? If going for Tartan kilt then should we buy a Wool kilt or Acrylic kilt? And lots of queries like those are associated...

Tartan vs plaid, I have shared a detailed discussion on tartan vs plaid which you can read here.

Tartan Vs Plaid – What’s the difference!

There are lots of people who are confused between tartan and plaid, even Scottish people are not really aware with the real difference. Therefore, I am writing a small blog post with you guys where I will be clarifying all the confusion related to tartan and plaid. There is a common saying to clarify the...

I have shared some of the best tips to buy a tactical kilt for you. You can get all the tips here.

Tips to Buy a Quality Tactical Kilt!

Looking forward for the tips to buy a Quality Tactical kilt? If you are! Then you have landed on the right page as I am going to talk about this topic today! In my previous post, I discussed the basic question about Tactical that people usually ask that What is a Tactical Kilt? And today I will...