About Us

Kilt and Jacks, Inc. is is the leading custom manufacturers of kilts and Jackets. Our brand is designed to focus on only bespoke kilts and jackets. It was a passion project which was loved by our customers that helped us to turn this into a full-fledged registered company. We have tons of satisfied customers who have made their events, and occassions by wearing Kilt & Jacks.

We have created this blog by Kilt and Jacks in order to help people know about kilts and jackets of all type and style. You can find the vast collection and designs of both kilts and jackets here. We will be sharing tips, tutorials, buyer’s guide, buying tips, and fashion-background on this blog.

Kilt and Jacks, Inc. makes your bespoke shopping easy, fast, and affordable. You can even send us your design and we can have it made for you.